The Pinecrest Center for Women's Mental Health

Pinecrest Center Groups

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Group Therapy:  Group therapy provides opportunities to learn from and share with others experiencing similar struggles. The Pinecrest Center provides group counseling specific to a variety women’s issues. The following groups are available and new groups are being formed. 

“Being Mom While Maintaining Me:” The days, weeks and months following the birth of a child can be exciting, confusing, frustrating, lonely, overwhelming, and scary.  One moment you may feel competent, content and complete; other times you may really doubt yourself and this new life you have embarked upon.  This group will help you make sense of these normal thoughts and feeling and provide an opportunity to connect with other women learning to adjust to the role as mother.   This group will be facilitated by Megan Johnson, MS, NCC and will meet Thursdays from noon to 1:00 pm. (Open Enrollment). 

“Wellness Education:”  A six week group for women interested in addressing their depressive symptoms through behavioral change. The focus on behavioral health (i.e., nutrition, exercise, sleep, environment, interpersonal involvement, etc.) can be useful for women who are ambivalent about taking medication, or who are not seeing the benefits they hoped for from their current treatment (medication and/or psychotherapy). This group will require a willingness to try new things, a commitment to six weeks of radically different behavior, an openness to doing what’s hard, and the belief that wellness can be achieved. If you know a woman who could benefit from this group Call 288-1087, ext. 104 for more information.

“Coping Skills Training:”  This group will teach you healthy coping skills to help you manage your emotions, emotional responses, and relationships safely and effectively.  The skills include: Core Mindfulness Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills, Distress Tolerance Skills, and Emotion Regulation Skills.  This group is facilitated by Jodie Bisson, MA and meets every Wednesday at 3:00.  (Open Enrollment).